National CMA Meeting Denver 2022 Recap

DAY 1:


Hello Denver CMA and Colorado!


I am attempting to continue my Daily Reviews of the Conference though it has been a joy to see many of you at the Conference.


Searching for the Truth: Medicine, Morality, and the Media


Dr. Burke, the Educational Chair set up a slew of great speakers fr Day 1 of the Conference.


To begin with was Mass though on the Feast of the Nativity of the BVM and a treat for Dr. Lisa Van Bramer to bring back the traveling Missionary Picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe for the event.


 Bishop Conley, the Episcopal Advisor for the CMA, celebrated Mass and reminded us that the first reading from Micah discussing of the birth of the woman who would bring the savior into the world is a key reminder of the integral nature of both how God acted in the history of the world and in and through the flesh of the body to highlight the importance and dignity of all human life, which we must especially protect at the bookends; the beginning and end of life, because if we do not, it is next to impossible to get the in between right. He also pointed back to a funny story growing up as a Presbyterian living with his sister and parents in a very prim and organized household while it seemed chaotic next store with the Catholic neighbors, the Alexanders with 8 kids, and toys everywhere and the un-mowed lawn. One day he remembers walking to school on a cold December day by the house seeing the neighbor kids playing outside and wondering why they were not going to school themselves. One of them chimed in “Hey don’t you know it the Immaculate Conception?!” Way to make a Protestant jealous about Catholicism.


Next we had The Media, The Truth and Theology of the Body by Pauline Sister Helena Raphael Burns. When it comes to bad media, Sister takes names and kicks “rear ends,” as I will say politely. About 25 years ago she stopped watching most of it, because she felt it was to some degree fake and patronizing, but lacked substance… it still does. But she really wants us to engage in news, but especially finding independent sources that do not pander to ideologies. She also pushed the idea of Bible and Catholic Literacy/Prophesy about the times we live in and when we lack a search for truth we will have The Great Deception. Recent polling of lack of confidence in the media if anything proves most folks today are unsure where to find truth. Finally she expounded on TOB as JPII’s extension on Humanae Vitae and is not simply Catholic Doctrine, but Natural Law. Ideologies today try to take a sliver of truth to manipulate into a defense of an otherwise untenable world view that is then imposed by fear.


Next Speech Pitfalls and Protection for Medical Professionals by Alliance Defense League Kevin Theriot, JD. Kevin expounded upon a number cases recently with ADF defending conscious and your right to free speech in regards to talking with patients. Some important overall messages he had was that these cases hilight you cannot be compelled to say something you do not want to say (especially if it violates your moral beliefs and you feel it is bad medicine) and that “tolerance is a two way street” so as others are allowed to live out their beliefs we should not be targeted in a way that prevents us from doing the same.


Finally Fr. John Szada, an Exorcist came to discuss Mental Illness or Demonic attack although demonic possession is not common it is a worsening issue because of growth of agnostic/atheism and use of the occult especially by young folks. Drugs and Mental Illness can be tools therefore for demons to be able to possess folks in addition to use of of weegee boards and speak boxes. In the end the message of if the patient says he/she has mental health issues and states medications do not help, maybe suspect a demonic possession probably will not necessarily equate to the person being possessed, but it is a reality and if someone is thrown inexplicitly 10 ft across the room, yes now is the time to get your pastor or exorcist involved. The rosary, Brown Scapular, and Confession are ways to ward of demonic possession


Next were Breakout Sessions with the first I attended were Trusted Teaching in End-of-Life Care in a Sound Bite, by Tim Jessick Palliative Care, Very Reverend Javier Bustos and dMark Repenshek, about Archdiocese of Milwaukee’s efforts to make small video series to help laypeople begin the conversation of on the importance of Advanced Directives, which I agree is urgently needed especially with assistance of Practitioners that can help guide Catholic teaching, but also the importance of Power of Attorney to ensure your wishes are best respected. Having been on the wards with a patient who was homeless without a family or power of attorney and MOST form that stated he did not want “artificial nutrition” while intubated and sedated for subdural with CRRT and antibiotics going was a nightmare and sadly took forever to legally appoint a physician POA, will little chance to reverse course at that point.


Next Paul Hruz spoke on the Social Contagion aspect of Rapid Onset gender Dysphoria showing strong evidence of associations with social media use among other things in the rise of this phenomenon especially hitting adolescent girls and similar associations with things such as Eating Disorders and Suicide. For a deeper dive I highly recommend Abigail Shrier’s Book Irreversible Damage. Paul as usual does a great job navigating this topic with well backed up evidence and critical examination of the opposition’s “research” attempts to deny this. He also reminded parents that helping to reduce social media time, close family interaction help children best navigate identity during formative teen years discussed by Erickson and Marcia. In 5-10 years we will like Europe see a great increase in detransitioners who have lead to stopping of pediatric gender clinics in UK (Tavistock), Sweden and Finland. He also has a new book out on the subject with other experts in the field Sexual Identity, so another place to draw on information.


Next, Dr. Dave Hilgers and NE Catholic Conference member Tom Venzor shared ideas about how to best influence our Culture and the Public Arena through activism at the legislative and state medical group level. While it has been difficult here in Colorado to get our point across and seemingly few political wins, it is a reminder of the importance of collaborating with our own Catholic Conference and others to bring a more unified voice in this fight to change hearts. It is my hope we can find a group of us to work with others to better polish our message and reminder that Christians are a people of Hope, because the Father will ultimately deliver on His Promise of Redemption.


Finally, a big Announcement came at the Conference. It was announced and the charter officially signed of the start of an Osteopathic School of Medicine at Benedictine College in KS that will be modeled after St. Padre Pio’s


Home for the Relief of Suffering. This Catholic Medical School will be authentically Catholic to teach future Physicians to bring True Science and Faith in the care of their patients. With so many threats to Catholic Students to live out their values in their everyday lives. It is wonderful to see a place where they will not only be allowed, but encouraged to live out these values and given necessary tools. Regardless, Catholics should be welcomed and not discriminated against on any campus for their beliefs!

DAY 2:


Communicating the Truth in a Post Truth World


Day 2 started off with an amazing first Plenary with Michael Warsaw CEO for EWTN. Michael began with a discussion of the beginning of Fake News term in 2016 during the election, and reminded us the intention is that the Good News is counter to untruth. In a message to those in the media Pope Francis likened Fake News spreaders as like the original Serpent of the Garden. Michael went on to further explain we are in a Post Truth Era now which is defined as an era in which objective facts are less persuasive than appeals to emotions and personal belief.

I would say this is in fact the difficult times we live in when trying to communicate truth. This talk would have dovetailed perfectly with Day 3’s Dr. Tom McGovern’s Bridging the Gap on Medicine and Media in which Tom showed data on how easily highly educated people have a tendency to rationalize data in a way to confirm their current ideology (confirmation bias). Michael elaborated on the explosion of fake news based upon Social Media to share quickly unvetted stories driven by headlines that are click-bait (thanks to digital advertisement). On the flip side, secular media that barely understands religion (esp the Catholic Church)has embraced ideology and relativism. Without truth, we have the dethronement of truth (Dietrichh Von Hildebrand) and are “building a Dictator of Relativism.” Big Tech, Media and Political Forces have now combined in efforts to censor the free discourse of ideas (shadow banning, blocking, ect). This is all in the name of protecting the golden calf of ideology at the sacrifice of truth. They have exchanged the truth, which Michael reminds us will set us free (Jn8:32) in authentic peace, for narratives that assuage and numb their fears. These biases merely are metaphorical chains of imprisonment enforced by threats of “canceling” as a form of manipulation to maintain their status quo of power. The importance of good journalism to confirm facts as Mother Angelica and Fr. James Hardin SJ are keys to overcoming fake news. I would add another troubling issue is publication bias; the desire to publish stories and facts that fit a narrative.


Media Addiction and Recovery

Next we had Fr. Cedric Pisegna (Passionate Priest) discuss the dangers of social media addiction. We all want a voice and in fact the Church is called to speak the Word using media (channels of communication). But he warned of the good uses of media with the attachment and finally addiction of media in which instead of serving the Good it serves the Self. He warned it is easy to go from Attracted to Social Media use (who isn’t these days) to Attached to finally Addiction. Since 2012 mobile phone screen time has gone from 45 minutes a day to 4 hours and 12 minutes. This dangerous trend has hurt relationships (he showed a picture of people at a table just looking at a phone instead of interacting), dangers of driving and cell phone use, and of course a distraction from God himself (though certainly things on our phone can serve to bring us closer to him). An addiction is an intense craving for a substance or behavior that if not fulfilled leads to intense fears/anxieties or anger/bitterness and usually due to tolerance (again having Sister Marysia Weber go here would have made sense since they really are linked) requiring greater and more titillating content/affirmations. Even Fr. Cedric who works in media says he has to fight the tendency to look at his phone with every ping of a new email. Some addictions one must completely stop (porn, gambling, alcohol) while others modify (social media use, sugary desserts, ect). He went on to talk about one of the founders of the 12 Step Program Bill Wislon having an Epiphany after another admission for etoh intoxication having an awakening from God. Fr. Cedric further elaborated how the prodigal son (perfect theme since the gospel this weekend) that God allows us to bottom out (and come to our senses) so we can take the first step of admitting a problem and this can be the hardest step followed by believing God can truly help you (Step 2) and finally Surrendering your struggle to God (STEP 3). He has a book called “There is a Solution” that is a more practical deeper dive on this topic.


Is Secularized Medicine Undermining Fundamental Human Equality


Professor Cahrles Camosy was next to present focusing on Secular Medicine’s loss of truth as a basis for morality being replaced by relativism/economic and social convenience. Hence we are seeing the marginalized falling out of the circle of protection more these days and the human person being viewed through the lens of Manicheistic Dualism (body is basically like a car and the person-a amorphous self which contains the intellect, desires/dreams and reflections of the individual- where it is contained or exactly what is it none of these folks could exactly say while somehow defending the notion of free will which allows for our sense of justice and ability to love). . The Terri Schiavo case among others highlights the tendency for us to latch onto unproven dogmas that worship at the altar of Prognostic Pessimism and Therapeutic Nihilism (your life is not worth living so let us dehumanize you before we kill you). His next group of people he fears are near falling out of the circle (and already having certain countries like Canada and Netherlands) are those with Dementia with pressures going from a “right” to a “duty” to die. He pushed to Raise the Alarm on this issue and work to re-engage the old and young to form areas for gatherings (can old churches/convents serve s a church community center for young and older members of the church to meet in community?). Again I would have had him speak with Joseph Pearce following who gave a defense of suffering in literature as part of the path to healing. What if we realized that the journey of suffering of the weakest members of society met with compassionate accompaniment of the more able was a path of healing for both. For the weak healing from the sense of isolation and worthlessness and for the strong, a healing from our pride to seek self promotion and the myth of invincibility (think of the rich farmer LK 12 16-21).


How to Inspire An Audience


Dr. McGovern in his expertise of presentation (I mean this guy is locked in when it comes to presentations-9 months working on it, I crack my laptop open maybe a month before). The key steps are how to to transform Information-> into Inspiration-> through Perspiration (yeah just look at McGovern’s face during the presentation and Inspiration is pouring out through his sweat pores activated by the information of adrenaline on muscarinic receptors… let us just say the glass ain’t half full with Tom, it’s a deluge flooding the room).

But you cannot bring just any idea, you have to have the element of shock and novelty…


With crazy pictures that inspire curiosity of course like this one at the left…


If you are wondering this is me at Olive Garden yelling “You can take my money, but hands off my breadsticks Mario Dickerson (Executive Director/Commercial Pirate for the CMA).” I bet you all got this instantly from my picture, no caption needed.
So you take those Ideas Framed by Images spiced with a picture of a Word in big bold letters… which Tom likened to two Waterfalls (A big one for Images and a smaller one Words, meeting in a Pool of Ideas)… perfect image right after lunch when that glass of water and cup of coffee are metaphorically meeting at the pool of my bladder… wait that is not a metaphor be right back.
Next you make your message Map with your 3 key points/ideas, supporting data wrapped up with take home messages. The key is clear pictures with 16×9 images you can find on Google Images or Pixabay and only 40 words per 10 slides… interesting he made no mention of a limit on slides per minutes of presentation… because this man has literally none (yeah 2019 presentation on choosing or Re-choosing your specialty in Nashville was quite the doosy) so good luck taking notes during Derm lecture with him; podcasting him on x1/4 speed might allow you to keep up.


Finally stories help to engage and synchronize our brains and the brain likes to latch onto stories. The first 5 seconds are like jumping out of the blocks of the 400 meter dash with that first impression in which you create drama, engage and grab attention then hold attention with teasers, face forward and the finish is like a symmetry to wrap up that first big idea/question you brought to the beginning. He used the example of inviting to engage skeptical audiences over telling; so for Dr. Delgado on the Abortion Pill Reversal not saying “Abortion Pills are wrong and we have to stop them” and instead inviting” “What if there was a way for women to have a second choice at life after taking the first pill in a chemical abortion?”


Embryo Adoption Debate


Now the main event… let’s get ready to rumble… alright in a courteous and respectful dialogue.


Drs. Charles Camosy (Professor Creighton School of Medicine) and Kent Lasnoski (Associate Professor of Theology at Wyoming Catholic College) squared off against Dr. John Haas (NCBC) and Fr. Dr. Tad Pacholczyk on the issues of permissibility of frozen embryo adoption that is an unsettled discussion (did Donum Vitae really say no vs USCCB in 2007 saying there appears to be no official stance yet). The cruz really of the debate can come down to when does the generative faculty of husband and wife end meaning does that end at conception as Camosy and Lasnoski were saying and so adoption would be like any other adoption (prenatal into your womb vs post natal into your house) and similar to Mercedarians in the 13th Centery who would offer themselves in exchange for other Christian slaves if they did not have the money to secure them from Pirates. In a similar vein the woman nobly offers her own body to rescue the ensslaved embryos who are traped in a frozen state in the nads of the slave owners of the fertility clinic. Fr. Tad and Dr. Haas countered that the implantation and subsequent gestation must respect a continuum of appropriate generation in which the pregnancy results from appropriate intercourse of the spouses and if it was allowed to be separated what would stop say a Nun from doing this or another unmarried person doing a similar thing to rescue. One thing that was interesting and left me unsure but leaning in favor of the permissible side is the idea that in the discussion a notion of artifical wombs maybe being a place for some or all of gestation to take place (for instance if you can resuce an embryo by use of these for all of gestation or a period of time if say the mother needed a treatment like chemo which the con side said might be an option down the line for frozen embryos to be rescued). The problem I have is that you now are saying a 3rd party may licitly participate in the generative faculty (unless you say it does not, but then how can in the sake of that example of a brief time say the generative faculty started and then was halted and then restarted again). Also some may argue that breast feeding and wet nurses could also be argued as part of the generative faculty similar to a womb. Anyways you decide for now until an official teaching comes to us.

DAY 2:


Communicating the Truth in a Post Truth World


Bishop Naumann of Kansas City got Mass going on Day 3 talking about the modern Idols of the world whether money or human respect that we don’t want to participate at those tables while coming to the table of the Lord that St. Paul warned us about in the first reading. He referenced the Movie Concussion (yes a story, must have taken notes at McGovern’s talk) and Dr. Bennett Omalu trying to stand up to the NFL who the lawyers joke, “They are the NFL, they own a Day of the Week…” which sadly they do. The counter of this of course is recognizing that God literally loved us into Existence and how a deeper love of the Eucharist at the Lord’s table that should be the only table we worship at. He mentioned how he was inspired by his maternal Grandfather (his dad passed away before he was even born) inspired this love through 2am adoration and his mother, a school teacher, would go to mass at 5am and then with her class at 8 again because the 5am mass she could better focus on the eucharist. He also pointed out how when the Rams were in St. Louis, he was struck by one of the lineman’s comments that when asked why he refers to his faith so much, he stated that he cannot explain how he was a good husband, or father or did the charitable things he did without explaining that his motivation comes from Jesus Christ.


Bridging the Gap Between Medicine and Media: Lessons from a Physician in the Media

Tom’s back for Day 3 and now it is how to engage in the Media(a means to communicate a message) and we have to focus on first who the Audience is, Ourselves and Our Message. First our Audience is moved more by the Emotional Desirability of a belief and not facts. So spewing out facts does little because if it does not match their previously held belief it usually is explained away. He showed an interesting experiment in which researchers took made up data about using a cream or no cream and if a rash got better or not (classic 4×4 box). For more math literate folks it showed they did a better job picking out that the cream did not help (still only 65%) copared to less literate that biased that the cream helped (like abx for viral cold or paxlovid for the healthy 25 year old). Now if the study was if gun control law helped decrease gun crime things now split based upon ideology and this is worse if more educated individuals. Basically we rationalize data to maintain our preconceived notions. He says knowing your audience and inviting curousity is the best method to engage people who are skeptics prior to you talking (maybe this would have made a difference in my testifying at state legislature for all those abortion bills… but money talks more than words). You first engage the right brain that is creative and imaginative followed by the left brain that is analytical (here are some facts) and then jump back to the right to leave them in awe and wonder… like the book he told us to read that is the best on this subject and only 1000 pages or so… like Joseph Pearce said in response to Dr. Andrew Mullaly’s question about buying too many books without being able to read them all; “If someone asks my wife if she has read a book she states, ‘Read it? I own it.”

Just check out Dr. Mullaly’s bookshelf “owning knowledge” (okay not his actual one, but he does have one like this)

I may have to own some of Tom’s suggestions too.

Order and Surprise as Maravalle states are the essence of Beauty and you have to have both, which Order seemed to be lacking in Keynote Speaker, Fr. David Pivonka’s favorite Football team Notre Dame on Saturday leaving a Surprise without the Beauty. Final points, on tips of being Humble a Graceful with Media presentations; AM I willing to be surprised yourself by others, know your audience and avoid the “curse of knowledge” (assuming they know as much as you), avoid overstating facts and drawing vast conclusions, avoid claiming to be an expert in an area you are now, be humble to admit if you do not know, know when to decline an offer to do media work, treat the host with respect and finally struggling to separates truths we receive from faith alone from that of medicine/science alone and where they properly meet avoiding what JP2 said of Fideism vs Scientism

Internet Pornography Addiction-Hijacking the  Neurophysiology of the Reward Center

Sr. Dr. Marysia Weber Psychiatrist and expert in the area of addictions looked at the epidemic of social internet porn especially hitting younger minds these days (2022 average age of first porn seen in age 8 yikes). She explained it starts off with Discovery of the material leading to Endorphins, opioids and activation of Dopamine which is enhanced by DeltaFosB to continue to excite reward pathways of the brain. Habituation kicks in as another counter peptide CREB downregulates dopamine pathways which was intended to temper our pleasure seeking at risk of too much. Tolerance sets in when to excite this pathway again we need more and greater stimuli (yes Porn changes are similar to drug changes in the brain). The craving is a deep sense of the pleasure now as a need usually triggered by some cue that reminds them of a previous experience (stress at work so we maybe go and drink wine), but the more exposure desensitizes us and we seek out greater need for in this case violent and dysfunctional sex. She discussed how even some porn addicts without true pedophile attractions will then devolve to using child pron. Instead of pleasure now these things merely numb the pain of stress, anxiety and depression (wow this is like many of our patients for all types of addictions). It even can decrease grey matter which for a young child this could potentially lead to stunted academic capacities. But she says it certainly is a treatable addiction though can take years and to turn addictions into proper direction (so instead of porn appropriately loving your spouse as you are called in marriage) have motivation (remember Fr. Cedirc admit you have a problem to begin with), maintain hope and use tools like filters (maybe even use a flip phone and have computers in an open spot to be accountable, she mentioned some apps that have filters and accountability partners). Also she brought up sensory exercises to retrain the brain to focus on what I am seeing at times, what I am hearing and what I am feeling; a sort of Mindfulness technique and also breaks from Media to see how much tis brings true peace over the addiction you now use to numb yourself. Sadly in the media and medicine we have ways to go because Internet Porn Addiction is not specifically dealt with in DSM V for instance (In my mind because groups out their support its use in their ideology and Porn Industry is powerful), but it has real affect on patients and 70% of it is through human trafficking. It can lead to ED issues, injuries and abuse (thank you 50 Shades of Masochistic Drivel) so we have to take it seriously and be ready to screen for it.

Health, Healing and Suffering in Great Literature.

What a joy to have Dr. Joseph Pearce, Director of Book Publishing at the Augustine Institute and Author of The Quest for Shakespeare, Tolkien: Man and Myth, The Unmasking of Oscar Wilde, C. S. Lewis and The Catholic Church, Literary Converts, Wisdom and Innocence: A Life of G.K. Chesterton, Solzhenitsyn: A Soul in Exile and Old Thunder: A Life of Hilaire Belloc . He brought out a number of great quotes or as I will call them Pearcisms and anyone a fan of the intersection of Catholic Faith and Literature would thoroughly enjoy his works as well as 100 books every Catholic should read (and although combined more than 1000 pages is not a textbook of 1000 pages). He started out with a profound quote from Catholic Author Maurice Barings. “One has to accept sorrow for it to have any healing power, and that is the most difficult thing in the world,” says one of the characters in his final novel, Darby and Joan. “When you understand what accepted sorrow means, you will understand everything. It is the secret of life.” And here is a McGovernism on Profound:

He went on to say that “one grows by suffering. If we do not accept our cross, we will crucify others.” Now for time travel we went through the 2 minute version of Homer’s Iliad (guess what Homer broke the first rule of Creative of Writing by telling you the plot in the first line…I guess you can do that when you are one of the greatest story tellers… rules are for those who struggle finding boundaries). The Iliad is fraught with suffering for the characters whether Helena or Achilles occur because of the recklessness of themselves or others. But, some suffering is given as Dr. Pearce said and it is this that can humanize because our broken hearts made of stone can only be entered by being broken. In the book, Brideshead Revisited, author Evelyn Waugh describes the life of a Catholic family wrestling with their faith and Cordelia, the most pious of them all remarks to Charles, the former Captain in the Army staying with the Marchmain family and doubts the family can return to their Catholic faith, “God won’t let them go for long, you know”. Then she goes on to quote a passage from a G. K. Chesterton Father Brown story which Lady Marchmain had read aloud to the family years before. In the story, the detective says that he had “caught [the thief] with an unseen hook and an invisible line which is long enough to let him wander to the ends of the world and still to bring him back with a twitch upon the thread” Dr. Pearce talked about that Grace has a way to allow us to come back through suffering (like the twitch pulling us and the Prodiv=gal Son hitting rock bottom). Other stories including Oedipus and Dante were discussed as well, but what good talk on Catholic Literature would not crescendo with Tolkien’s Hobbit and LoR (by the way he says forget Amazon goofy story they came up and just stick with original content by Peter Jackson). He specifically alludes to the fact that the Ring was destroyed on March 25th the Feast of the Annunciation (Dr. Pearce is grateful we get this unlike when he lectures at Yale or Harvard and people stare at him blankly… what is 9 months from March 25th… yeah 🙂 )and also the traditional date of the Crucifixion. He concludes sin is the source of all suffering and we cannot eliminate it completely in this life, but if we do not do the bearing of suffering from sin in this life, we will be wearing the sin of suffering in the next. Are we “Ring Bearers” or “Ring Wearers”?


 Before Lunch we got the Announcement for 2023 Phoenix Conference entitled “Be Not Afraid: Courageous Catholic Medicine.” September 7th-9th. Besides finding courage, be inspired… with Bishop Conely and I racing down this 8 story water slide.

Okay maybe he did not agree to that, but Mario is taking Prop Bets on if he will go.

Dr. Milea, Education Chair, said to bring your cowboy hat, boots and your best belt buckle …

Mario says a CMA logo version will be available at the CMA store for hands free beer carrying entertainment at the Corona Ranch.

Words in the Media Matter: Telling Truth About Trisomy 21-A Medical Morality Case Study Write Large:


Dr. Robin Treptow and Sonia and Jeff McGarrity discussed the wonderful joy of raising a children with Trisomy 21 (preferred over Down Syndrome as Dr. Downs who originally coined the syndrome in the 1800s was disparging of these children calling them substandard humans) while discussed implicit bias in the meida (look at CBS on their coverage or Iceland eliminating T21… through abortion or CNN’s Ana Navarro talking about a Step Grand-daughter with T21 and how many families need abortion because they may not have resources for such a child- quite a slap in the face to the inherent dignity of her SGD, along with her 57 yo disabled brother too. Death Becomes a Treatment when Love is Inconvenient), medicine (lowering standards and expectations for these children), families who accept these views like caricatures on wikipedia, and even those with T21 themselves when told many times they cannot do it, like the Echo Chamber phenomenon (repeat over and over one view while suppressing another view). What the McGarrity’s have done through the inspiration of the Treptow’s own family and Dr. Robin Treptow’s work is to raise the bar for their children and see them as similar in capacity to push them to their greatest potential, not limit their potential.


Pernicious Porn Part 2 


I admit I did not attend Part 1 and likely would have liked to have seen that one as I found Part 2 somewhat lacking in much substance for me, but Russ Rooney and Michael keeny still did a wonderful job discussing the legal struggles to limit porn (which is protected unless viewed obscene and how does one prove that except that in fact all porn is obscene). One stirks me though is the Cognitive Dissonance in society today that crucififes the Catholic Church and understandably so for failures to report and prevent abuse, but both the embracement of a Sexual Psychopath, Alfred Kinnsey, as Dr. Judith Reismann caetogrizes who researched child pedophiles abusing children as young as 5 months and todays push to groom and indoctrinate young children for the sake of sexual freedom ( our favorite Media Outlet, The Atlantic, published an article journalist named David Goldberg, where he argues that his attraction to children is just another category of sexual orientation. He even came up with a new name for it: “cross-generational lifestyle.”). They do point out the rampant problem that by adolescence 84% of boys and 57% of girls have viewed porn and especially as I stated above should be something we are willing to screen in patients regardless of sex.


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